Meet Dr. Rick Nelson, O.D.

Dr. Nelson's primary goals are making sure your eyes are healthy and then determining a prescription that is best suited for HOW A PATIENT USES his or her EYES.  That's right - HOW and FOR WHAT you use your eyes are often the most important factors in writing an eyeglass or contact lens prescription. 
Today a computer can examine and determine the "power" of your eyes in a few seconds.  But if you don't refine that and adapt that "power" to your visual needs, your glasses or contact lenses will not best fulfill your work or lifestyle vision requirements.
That's where experience, dedication, interrogation and demonstration come in to play.  Dr Nelson's examination will take at least 45 minutes and you will see how the glasses will meet your visual needs BEFORE you buy them.  It's really the ART of optometry and vision care.
~Clear, Comfortable Vision & Healthy Eyes~ 
It would be our pleasure to serve you